Colts vs Chiefs

Colts vs Chiefs: The weather outside is terrible, but the playoffs are pleasant.When the Emirates starts the split in the game against the Colts on Saturday, the weather will no longer be outside, but snow can be a factor in the Stadium Arrow.

Winter Storm Gia is here to make the Divisional Round a bit more interesting.

The Chiefs are the favorite in their Divisional Round playoff showdown with the Colts. But Indianapolis will have a great equalizer in its corner: a whole bunch of snow.

Forecasts in Kansas City suggest Winter Storm Gia could coat Kansas City and the rest of western Missouri with between three to eight inches of snow before Saturday’s 3:35 p.m. CT kickoff. That downfall could continue throughout the first half, according to AccuWeather.

That combination of cold and swirling snow will create two factors that could hamper the Chiefs’ explosive passing game — and give Indianapolis an alarming change of scenery from the heated air of Lucas Oil Stadium.

For the Colts, that meant a handful of outdoor practices leading up to their biggest game of the season, though head coach Frank Reich wasn’t sweating the anticipated precipitation.

“I try to stay the mindset of whatever the weather is, it’s to the advantage of the best team,” Reich said at his mid-week press conference. So I just believe that travels. I believe that’s the way to approach it. That’s always how I have thought about it.

When he was asked whether the snow would benefit Indianapolis and its powerful running game, the first-year head coach demurred to an entirely uncontroversial answer.

“I literally think whatever the weather is, it favors the best team.’’

The Colts played 10 games indoors this season, going 8-2 in those games. They played seven games in outdoor environments on the road, where they went 3-4.

If it snows Saturday afternoon, several members of Reich’s roster will have to play through the still-fresh memory of the NFL’s last big snow game. The 2017 Colts played more than 68 minutes of football atop on ivory blanket last December, eventually falling to the Bills in overtime.

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